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Wednesday, May. 18, 2005,9:27 AM

I think back in the day when Ken started talking to me again, and I did the logo for his blog, and every so often I'd send him something that made it up there and I felt like I was contributing, I got the idea that maybe I could do a blog like everyone else's. Just with video games, I guess. In fact, I had even started one up recently with the hopes that I'd get a little time to sit down and spend on it.

But y'know what? I don't have time for it. I don't have time for shit anymore. I barely have time for this post right here, with 2 jobs and full-time class hours. I'm not even online anymore; I'm back to a shitty wireless connection for the next year, and when I get home I sit in the living room and hang with the roommate or actually go do something. No one reads this shit anyways.

I'm also kinda sick of the shit I read online too, blogs or websites. It's all about gloating over some famous person you met or talked to, or some free shit you won, or somewhere you went, and then sitting around waiting for the suckup comments to roll in. It's the same garbage you see on message boards across the internet (and if your connection ever goes down, just watch Adult Swim; their stupid "bumps" read just like it). I can't imagine people that do that have any friends in person, or they're just putting up a front, 'cause if you brag like that to people in real life they'd tell you to fuck off.

And I really don't have the time or patience to write up an 8-page review of one game. I use IGN like a Playboy; I don't read their reviews 'cause they're retarded, I just look at the pictures and watch the videos to judge for myself. Most of the time all I ever have to say about a game is "Episode 3 on the DS is fuckin' sweet-ass. The adult in me likes the old-school 2D brawling action, while the kid in me likes the sweet 3D space dogfighting action." That's it. I didn't need a thesaurus for that.

So I guess in conclusion, I'm sick of blogging. All 3 of you that read this one, let me know if you want my AIM/MSN/Yahoo messenger name, and we can chat that way.

I swear to god, if I get more than 3 people leaving comments I'm gonna kill the internet.

I'm out.